Alison and David

alison and david (1 of 1)-61914511800..jpgSo, I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken. I’d rather hide behind the camera.

But this portrait of Alison and I fills me with such joy that I’m having a huge framed print of this image made.

It just goes without saying , that you should exist in your photos.

Don’t be the one that’s always taking the pictures.

Have your portrait done now. You are beautiful as you are. Exist in photos.


A location shoot in Wisley Gardens, it’s such a beautiful place to shoot portraits. I love doing this, being able to manipulate the light to create beautiful portraits of you for you. This is my passion to capture the beauty in you. 


Thank you Valerie for such an awesome shoot. You are amazing and a great model.


There is just something so beautiful about this country that keeps drawing me back every year? I need to share these images of this gorgeous country  it’s diversity and  the people that live there, who are great and friendly. A very good place to photography it’s people,landscape and beaches.

It’s Been Awhile

New logo, new image and a new style of portrait photography. This beautiful woman is my partner who was given a full makeover and photo shoot.

I am looking to working with you all in the near future on our new projects.