Bessie, Joshua and Khensani

It was an honor and a pleasure to be photographing this beautiful family. Bessie, Joshua and her beautiful daughter khensani.

“A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a home happier.”


Daily writing prompt
What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?

5 Things that I am grateful for is 1. My Health 2. Reading and listening to books 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B Peterson is a favourite of mine 3. My love of photography especially Black And White portraits 4. Working on my mind and body at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing Gym 5. Listening to old skool music

Black and White Portraits

For me black and white photography has a timeless quality that can give images a sense of nostalgia or history. Because it is not tied to any specific era or trend, this portrait evokes a wide range of emotions in me. It create’s a sense of timelessness that speaks to me on an emotional level.
Here’s a question for you.

Can you describe a time when you felt particularly moved or inspired by a black and white portrait? What was it about that image that resonated with you?

Leave your answer in comments. I look forward to reading them.

Jackie and Daisy

The saying goes you should work with pets or small children. But I had the pleasure of working with Jackie and Daisy two very friendly dogs. Who were quite boisterous at first and wouldn’t sit, where we wanted them to sit so that they were on the right focal plane to get to portraits that I wanted. However, we persevered and this is what we achieved.

The beauty of black-and-white portraits.

Lately I’ve been shooting my portraits in black-and-white. I just love the contrast of light and shadows is created in each portrait. Of course you can’t just create these pictures just by putting a black and white filter on them. Some editing need to be done to create the mood and feel that you like. These are some of my favourites. So please let know what you think of these portraits in the comments.