Behind the scene

A behind the scene look from a photo shoot I did earlier this week. Riley totally owned this shoot from start to finish, even though his baby brother decided to photo bomb us, as Riley was posing for the shot a true professional.

Simply Riley-

A gorgeous portrait of Riley from the shoot.

When was the last time you loved a portrait of yourself?

At the last minute my folio building model let me down, due to illness, so instead of wasting day, I did the shoot with my new HUMA Yasmin.

This is from Felix’s lighting series. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. This is Felix’s signature lighting, I’ve learnt so much about lighting since I purchased this series. And I used to fear using strobes.

I bounced the strobe from the back against a white curtain for the fill light and I had my Octobox feathering from the left to achieve this painterly look.

Makeup was done by Yasmin.

So here’s a question for all you beautiful people.

When was the last time you loved a portrait of yourself?


Have you met Yasmin? She’s my amazingly talented hair and makeup artist? And she’ll be assisting on all future shoots making you look and feel fabulous.

When was the last time you loved a portrait of yourself?

Contemporary portraits

My name is David Scille and I’m a contemporary portrait photographer based in Haslemere.

And I would like to create beautiful strong portraits of you.

I’ll photograph you with your partner, your best friend, Mother and Daughter/ son, Father and Daughter/ Son.

Or a pamper day just for you as you’ll have your hair and makeup professionally finished by my stylist.

Let’s create your dream shoot.

Finding the light 2

A behind the scenes look at how I achieved these photos. The beauty has many layers of diffusion because the strobe would be to bright on the model, it’s also feathered away from the model, so that I get that beautiful soft light from the edge of the beauty dish and also not get any hotspots on the model. The reflector to the left is just to soften the shadows on the model. A self portrait with my daughter.

Finding the light

After hours of practicing with one strobe and a v flat. I did this self portrait. I love the beautiful soft light but I know that with more practice, I’ll be able to achieve more detail in the shadows.

Don’t hold back your video!! Part2


Part 1 is on my FB page dascillephotography. Enjoy