Alison And David (1 of 1)

My name is David Scille and I am a photographer based in Haslemere.
My job as your photographer is to make you look and feel incredible in front of the camera.
I take the stress out of having your photos taken. You may not know this but it’s not your job to be photogenic.
It’s my job as your photographer to see your beauty and capture it in the most beautiful way.
It’s ok for you to be pampered and have your hair and make done by my team of
Professional hair and make up artist with your clothing styled, I will capture you in the most beautiful way.
You may think that you need to lose weight or that you are not photogenic.
But I have the passion and the skills to see your beauty.
I don’t photograph models.
I will take the everyday women, mother, daughter, grandmother and together we will create a shoot that you desire.
My style of photography is a contemporary style portrait, it’s kind of like Vanity fair magazine style of portraiture but together we will create a shoot for you in any style that you desire.
My name is David Scille I am a professional portrait photographer and I am excited about creating your dream photo shoot.
Thank you.

So let’s talk about what you need on 07716994045.